Tech Tips

We strive to provide you with helpful technical tips to help you get the most of your printer. Below are a few of the tips requested by our customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 732-271-7369/7358..

S1245 - Paper not loading

If the paper does not load and does not stay when trying to load it, may have not been unloaded properly. Step #1 press the PAPER REWIND button on the front of the printer. This should ready the printer for loading. Paper should only be fed so that the paper edge lines up with the red line on the paper guide. After resetting the paper, press the PAPER SET button to load the paper.

S1245 - White marks on the prints

Remove and clean the cleaning rollers and the black platten rollers.

S1245 & S9045 - White lines on edge of prints

White line on edge of prints can usually be corrected by adjusting the Zoom (S9045) or Layout (S1245) in the print driver.

S1245 - Express Digital will not allow double cutting of 5x7 prints

Older versions of Express Digital Software will not support multi cutting on the printer. If the S1245 Printer is not listed as an Express Digital Printer, it is an older version and will need to be updated.

S9045 print sizes

Print sizes are as follows: 4x6 = PC size prints 5x7 = 2L size prints 6x9 = 6x9 size prints


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