Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the ribbon in my printer?

  1. Remove ribbon from box
  2. Remove packaging and tape over ribbon
  3. Open the printer in order to access ribbon area. You must remove the scrap tray and paper tray, then use lower lever to open printer
  4. The ribbon spools are color coded and match up to the spool holders inside the printer
  5. Once the ribbon is loaded, close the printer drawer and ribbon will begin to wind into place

Printer is now ready to use

Shipping / Transporting the Printer

Do not ship or transport the printer with media (Ribbon or Paper) in the printer.
Also, remove any paper slugs before transporting. Failure to remove the media may result in internal damage to the printer.

How do I change the paper in my printer?

(For CS2, CE1, S3)

  1. Remove paper roll from box
  2. Locate the Pull tab and make sure the arrow is pointing down
  3. With the arrow pointing down, make sure to align the paper spools to color match with the printer
  4. Remove the pull tab and feed paper in until paper feed light is activated
  5. Close paper door and 3 to 4 sheets will feed through and cut
  6. Paper is now loaded correctly and printer is ready to print

How do I properly clean my printer? 

1. Clean the thermal print head with an alcohol swab. – (Isopropyl alcohol must be used, which is 95% alcohol or higher)
 2. Clean the surface of the rubber rollers with alcohol swab: – Platen Roller – Paper Feed Rollers
 3. Clean the front of the peeling plate and ribbon mark sensor reflector with alcohol swab
 4. Blow out paper dust inside the printer and fans with compressed air

What comes with the printer?­

  • Printer
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Driver CD
  • Print Tray (CS2 Only)
  • Operation Manual
  • Scrap Tray
  • Paper spool holders (White & Blue)
  • Spool spacers for 5×7 media kit

Where can I get proper packing material for my printer if I’ve thrown mine away?

Call Sinfonia Photo directly at 732-271-7315.

How many prints should I be getting with my media kit?

• ­CS2 (4”x6”) 300 Prints, (5”x7”) 170 Prints, (6”x8”) 150 Prints
• CE1 (8”x10”) 120 Prints, (8”x12”) 100 Prints
• S2145 (4”x6”) 700 Prints, (5”x7”) 400 Prints, (6”x8”) 310 Prints
• S1245 (8”x10”) 280 Prints, (8”x12”) 230 Prints
• S3 4″ x 6″ 900 images/roll, 6″ x 8″ 450 images/roll

Are there any optional cut sizes for my printer besides the standard media kit sizes?

• ­CS2 (4”x6”)x2, 2”x6”, 5’x5”, 6”x6” ­
• ­CE1 8”x4”, 8”x6”, 8”x8”
­• ­S2145 2”x6”
­• ­S1245 (5”x7”/8”)x2, (6”x8”)x2, (4”x8”)x3, 8”x8”
­• S3 2 x 6″, 4 x 6″split, 6 x 6″, 5 x 7″ with 1/2″ border, 6 x 8″ – 4 split print

Where do I find the latest printer driver?

On our downloads page.

Where do I find the latest printers firmware?

Please contact for the latest firmware.

Who do I contact for printer support?

Please contact us at ­(732) 271-7328 or

How do I prepare my printer if I need to ship/transport my printer to an event?

  1. Power down the printer
  2. Unplug the printers power and usb cables
  3. Remove printer scrap tray and empty
  4. Open front printer door and remove ribbon
  5. After printer door is open, open the front lid to remove paper roll
  6. It is recommended by the manufacturer to ship/transport the printer without the ribbon/paper installed