Sinfonia: Renaming a Great Line of High-Performance Shinko Printers for the Expanding Retail Market

October 19, 2011 Somerset, New Jersey─Shinko Electric Co., LTD. printers, offered by KG ProPhoto, have a new corporate name─Sinfonia Technology Co., LTD. Until recently, Shinko Electric Co., LTD. sold its line of reliable, Japanese-made dye-sublimation printers under the Shinko name. Today, the brand is known as Sinfonia. "At Sinfonia Photo, a sales, marketing and servicing arm of Sinfonia products, we believe the new Sinfonia Technology name references the long heritage in providing printing solutions acclaimed for their top-quality performance, speed and durability," notes Andrew Peterson, KG ProPhoto's Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing. 

The origin of the new company name, Sinfonia, is Italian meaning symphony. A symphony is characterized by a harmonious combination of elements just as the components of a Sinfonia printer work together in harmony to provide high image quality, extreme reliability and speed. "Sinfonia dye-sub printers are designed to deliver the same high quality as high-end photo lab machines that Shinko is known for." says Peterson. "One of the best-selling Sinfonia printers is the S2145-now sold under the Sinfonia name. It is one of the fastest on the market. It's a roll-fed unit that can turn out 4x6 prints in 6.8 sec, 5x7s in 10.4 sec and 6x9s in 13.2 sec. It provides a reasonably high volume with no second-guessing-a single media kit can turn out 700 prints-and its modest 11.7x16.4-inch footprint serves a wide variety of user profiles." "Another very popular larger format dye-sub unit that's offered through KG ProPhoto and now marketed under the Sinfonia brand is the S1245, which turns out 8x10 prints in under 30 sec and 8x12 prints in 35 sec. In addition, it provides multiple print sizes for added flexibility; it can print two 5x7s, three 6x8s or three 4x8s on a sheet. That last size is ideal for printing greeting, holiday and thank you cards that are in such high demand at this time of the year," Peterson explains. "The most important features of the products Sinfonia Technology offers are high image quality and extreme reliability. So, like Shinko Electric, you may rest assured that Sinfonia printers are in it for the long haul, providing cost-effective, high-quality performance that ultimately enhances the profit potential for photographers, retailers and other end users who provide prints for their customers."

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